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Academic Collapse


Just in case there was any doubt we need not rely on faith alone to know that our community's children can be brought to competitiveness with CA's academic best, the final 2008 demographic data released by the CA Dept of Education earlier this month should lay that doubt to rest. This new information shows that the short list of demographically comparable to Altadena charter and public schools across CA that have closed their achievement gaps in every grade, subject and year, or are well on their way to doing so, grew again in 2008.

While the effect of this heartening news means that the number of severe 40-50 percentile point academic achievement gaps at PUSD also grew again at what was by far the largest rate this decade, the effect of the extraordinarily difficult but successful work brave public and charter educators in communities like ours elsewhere in CA should remain the focus of anyone who supports our full justice pursuit of closing our achievement gap and bringing Altadena students to 100% academic proficiency. Let's get those last petition signatures! To help us do so, please click on Get Involved.

For a graphic overview of the latest information from the CA Dept of Education, please see the first four pages of the AUSD Standard Presentation Appendix on our home page or click on this link: AUSD Standard Presentation Appendix.


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