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Show No Partiality


“Show no partiality between rich & poor. We cannot consider the rich more important than the poor and vice versa.”

How many times have we heard words like these? Do we believe our community can become one of the first in the USA, if not the first one Altadena’s size anywhere to finally show no partiality in the academic proficiencies of its children regardless of family background? Can we bring expression to Altadena’s long-held aspirations by successfully turning ownership of the phrase 'the academic achievement gap ends on our watch' over to Altadena at large? That is the question before us.

There will be many opportunities big and small in the coming weeks to bring Altadena measurably closer to our goal of closing our huge academic achievement gap* and by so doing bring real justice to Altadena - from wielding a petition on a Back to School night, to helping plan November 4, to being one of the many petitioners we’ll need on November 4. Help build on the support we found at Burbank Elementary’s Back to School night this past week! After having won one signature for every 4.5 minutes of volunteer effort that evening, there’s simply no question our core message is resonating stronger with Altadena parents every day!

And for a preview of some of the new materials we’ll be providing petitioners on November 4, please see our updated brochure and FAQs While a casual glance may cause one to believe little has changed from a year ago, a closer look will show that much has been improved for helping volunteers translate our message into their own words for presentation to Altadena voters. So if you're interested in helping bring justice to Altadena by helping bring all Altadena students closer to 100% academic proficiency by school, grade, and subject, don’t hesitate to click Get Involved now!

*the 30-50 percentile point academic proficiency gap between Altadena's approximately 4,000 predominantly low-income public school students and the average of their top demographic comparables statewide and middle class students statewide.


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