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Our Goal

As anyone who has seen our standard presentation knows, our goal is to see Altadena's students move from their consistently very low academic proficiency to seeing all Altadena students, without regard to race or income, consistently achieving the highest levels of academic proficiency in every school, grade, and subject.

Some call our challenge "closing the academic achievement gap." Others call it "the key civil rights challenge of our generation." For us, it is the follow-through on what we have learned is the truth behind our central hypothesis: that consistently high, all-subjects academic proficiency is bound by neither race or income, but by our ability to bring education's very repeatable best practices home to Altadena.

As we bear down on our goal, please know that we will continue to work closely with the County Offices of Education and Registrar-Recorder to keep tabs on the number of signatures that will be required at the anticipated time of our filing of the petition for the formation of an Altadena Unified School District. More news on this in a future update, but in the meantime:

Happy holidays, and a big thank you to our volunteers for all their help!


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