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Education Declaration Supporters
Goal: 2,500
To Date:  121
Remaining to Goal:  2,379
Altadena Voters: 68
Private School Parents: 8
Public School Parents:  5
All Others:  37
Active Volunteer Count: 43
Last Update  12/06/13


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Key Facts
Virtually every one of the few low-income students who graduates from high school at grade level proficiency enrolls in college. No other income group comes close to this enrollment rate.
Meanwhile 1 in 3 from our low-income student majority will drop out of high school.
Those who do graduate will perform, on average, at an 8th grade level.
Less than 1 in 10 low-income students will graduate from college.

ON HOLD: AUSD Petition Signatures
Goal: 9,700
Sufficient: 6,875
Since 03/14/06+:  7,208
Remaining to Goal:  2,492
Total Petitioner Count: 91


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